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Who We Are

  Texarkana Flying Club is a member-owned non-profit flying club based at the Texarkana Regional Airport in Texarkana, AR (KTXK).  

We have student AND Private/Sport Pilots in our group.  We offer flight training for brushing up, private pilot license, and sport pilot license. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are our most asked questions!

 1. The cost of start to finish depends on the student, it can cost as little as $6500 and up to about $8500. These are all fees total. Dues, plane, instructor, courses. You pay as you go, the only up front fees are below in the breakdown.  

2. We have 4 planes currently. An Aero Champion (2 person), Cessna 172/180 (4 person), Cessna 182 (4 person), and a Piper Cherokee 6 (6 person). 

3. How long until you get your license depends on you! Some have finished up in as little as 3-6 months, but a year is good to shoot for. You will need a minimum of 40 hours flight time per the FAA for your private pilots license. A good goal for your first solo flight is 15-20 hours, and the instructor has 100% of the call on this.  

4. Patience! Be patient when training. The weather in our area changes in a minute, so there will be times when you wont be able to fly. This is part of the lengthy process in getting your license. Also, our great instructors have other jobs as well (obviously) but are typically very accommodating to work with you on your schedule. 

5. Club costs. Yes, that is the covered above, but here is the breakdown. Monthly dues: $130. First month club buy in is $500. Instructors go for $40 - $50 per hour. Champ 7AC - $79/hour. Cessna 172 - $125/hour Cessna 182 - $139/hour Cherokee 6-300 - $179/hour. This rental fee includes the plane, all fuel, and insurance. It really is a great deal! 

Want To Learn To Fly As A Private Pilot?


We have many pilots in our area that have gone on to great careers in the area, and many on to other cities with United, American Airlines, etc.  Also we have a lot of commercial pilots that are flying private jets right here in Texarkana!

However, few want to fly commercially.  A lot of us would like to get to Houston in under two hours.  Or a Razorback game in an hour.  Others like to fly with their family to Destin in about the same time it takes to get to Ft. Worth. A few of us like to fly low and slow and check out our hunting leases!  

It's up to you on what you use it for.  No matter what it is, the journey is almost always the part that is the most fun.  A few of us went to Omaha Nebraska last year to catch a College World Series game!  We left in the morning, went to the game, and back home that evening.  Try that in a car. 

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

A member can meet you at the club to discuss any questions you may have.

Texarkana Flying Club

118 Airport Dr, Texarkana, Arkansas 71854, United States

(870) 772-5781


We are open 7 days a week, contact us if you want to take a look around. 

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Meeting Minutes

May 2017

-Meeting opened with prayer

-Financial statement presented


-Previous minutes approved


-State of the Fleet 

The 182 is currently in Mena having the GPS serviced.                

The 172 is operational for VFR flight. Com 2 is in Mena for service.

The Six’s annual inspection was recently completed and is ready to fly.                

The Champ had a weak battery and will get a battery maintainer. 

-State of the Facilities

Hangar light that caught fire was replaced by TAC Air. 

Two of the four hangar doors are stuck and TAC has been notified. Front door closer needs to be serviced or replaced. 

Other than small amounts of trash, and a spilled drink stain in back of the Cherokee Six, the aircraft interiors are clean. 

-Hand Propping Discussion

Hand propping the Champ was questioned. Hand propping the Champ is allowed, but only by pilots with proper training. Logbook entry of training received is recommended. 

-Approve New Members

Tracy Williamson and David Rankin joined the flying club. They both have been club members in the past. 

-Club Marketing                

TFC’s Facebook page is growing. New videos and FAQ’s have been posted. Texarkanaflyingclub.com is back in operation. We have an opportunity to advertise with local radio stations. We will run this advertisement when we have more instructors to handle increased amounts of student training. 

-Board Member Positions 

Daniel Howland will continue the role as secretary and take over duties maintaining the state of the facilities. A motion was made by Jon Miller to nominate Lloyd White as the board member at large. Jason Thompson seconded the motion. Majority present ruled in favor. 

-New and Unfinished Business

We are actively looking for new instructors for the flying club. We are looking at potential instructors from HSU in Arkadelphia due to aviation classes coming to an end for the summer. The changes that were recently made to the third class medical were discussed. Tracy Williamson will have more information of the process next month. 

-Meeting closed with prayer